Health & Life Coach


Transformagination was established to empower people from all walks of life anywhere in the world to take the necessary steps in transforming their lives from the inside out.

We believe that change is mandatory for everyone to be able to catch up with the constantly changing world around us. We should take full accountability of ourselves and be the creators of that change instead of a result of it. 
Jim Rohn says: " For things to change, you have to change, for things to get better, you have to get better."

We specialise in inner and outer health transformation by using a proven system for achieving the best possible results.  We have many examples of people who have used our products and services to achieve results they thought were impossible.   
No matter in which health zone you are at the moment - red, orange or yellow, we can help you get to the green and stay there. 


HERE'S A BRIEF HISTORY of who I am, what I do, and why we should connect:
I grew up in a small village in Bulgaria, the youngest child of a middle-class farming family. From a very young age, I had the opportunity to learn some of the most important values of life, such as love, honesty, respect, caring, commitment, giving back.
After seeing all the hard work and energy my family had to put into their careers, for a minimum return, I knew deep inside that there should be more to life and decided to take the responsibility to search for it and make a change. 
At the age of 14, I left the village to pursue my studies in bigger cities.
Very quickly I had learned lo look after myself. Working in a restaurant while studying gave me a lot of experience dealing with all kinds of people. After university, I started travelling around Europe where I met different cultures, faced many obstacles, learned many lessons and gained new skills.
A little bit after that I found myself in America where I have started my sales and marketing career. That gave me the freedom to be independent and make my own decisions while experiencing a rapid business growth and personal development. 

Following the same career path, I decided to return back to Europe and have settled in the UK.
I have completed a management training program here and in July 2013 have opened my own company. I ran a sales and marketing firm for a year and after that started consulting other people and businesses.
It wasn't easy at all, in fact, it was very challenging. Most of the people I started with gave up and couldn't complete the training program. What kept me going was the dream I had deep in my heart before I left my parent's house.
I was 14, uneducated, with no special skills. What I had was a deep burning desire to make things better, a deeper knowing that if other people can, everyone else can. I knew that if you want your life to change, you have to change, if you 'seek, and you shall find'.
Now I live with most of my family, we take long holidays every year and all of us have a better lifestyle. 
But the story doesn't end here. As strange as it is, after these many challenging years of being strong, after my biggest dream finally realised, I didn't know what to do next and I actually gave in. I was exhausted mentally and physically. I was confused, depressed and unsure what was happening. I got to the point where I had to start looking for professional help - doctors, healers, life coaches, friends, family. All of them helped but the solution was found when I met my health coach. The problem was my mental and physical health. Visibly there was nothing wrong with me but I wasn't healthy at all. Almost one year I was fighting an inner invisible battle, a battle with myself. I even thought that I was going to die, which I know now that it was a part of the transformational process. I had to give up many ideas of what I thought was right and wrong and adopt new habits and beliefs. That's how I've managed to completely transform my mental and physical health, and my lifestyle. 
The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle to the point when you have to die a little inside in order to be reborn again. Just like when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly. 
Empowered by my inner and outer transformation I became a health coach and decided to pursue a new business model where HEALTH plays the main role. Many people have already benefitted from my services but that is not enough.
I also have completed another course and become a certified life coach so I can fully and professionally use my personal experience and knowledge to touch more people's lives.
That's how Transformagination was born. 
I am aware that many people are going through similar changes I had to go through and not all of them make it to the next level but just a few. I believe that together we can increase the number of those succeeding by sharing our own stories and giving guidance from experience. That's how we can transform many lives and create a better future.