Health & Life Coach


  1. HEART
    This is the only true place where there is. Where you truly know who you are, what you want and what you love. It is before everything else (mind, body, surroundings). No one has access to it without your permission. We just have to recognize it by removing all the layers of conditioning.
  2. MIND
    This is the place where we store all the information. It starts from our childhood and it builds up throughout the years. We are able to choose what will stay there and what will go. We just have to become aware of our thoughts and identify what is true to us. We will find the healthy balance between heart and mind.
  3. BODY
    This is the place where we have to live during our lifetime. How we look after our bodies will determine the quality of our lives. The body is made up of moving cells. To live each cell needs oxygen, water and healthy food. We should start practicing a healthy active lifestyle for more energy and vitality.

 Imagine a possible  transformation of    
the following:  ​​

  1. I AM...
    What we put after these two words shapes our reality. By revealing our true passions, by eliminating limiting beliefs and taking control of our thoughts, we will also achieve physical health and become the person we were always meant to be. Now we can start living our dreams with passion and enthusiasm.
    People are a reflection of who we are. What we see in others also exists in us. And the opposite, what other people see or say about you is not a reflection of you but a reflection of them. As we transform our own lives and love who we have become, what we see in others will also transform. Like attracts like.
    When we become a force of love, what's inside others wouldn't matter anymore as there will be established a connection only with what's left in us - love and vitality, fulfilled dreams. As we project that to many people, they will feel the same and start reflecting the same. That's how by changing ourselves we can change the world.

Testimonials of completely different people getting life changing results.

I am a tall guy and it was extremely hard for me to get in shape. I was going to the gym regularly, trained hard, tried many diets but I wasn't getting any bigger. I got a little bit sceptical about trying new things as I automatically assumed that they won't work. After seeing the astonishing results others were getting by working with Mariyana​, I have decided to ask for more information. 
That was the best decision I have made. The problem was not with the diets or the workouts I have tried before, in fact, I am still using some of them now. The problem was in me. My limiting beliefs, wrong habits and lack of motivation. Surprisingly the solution was also in me. I started applying the 80% nutrition - 20% fitness rule and started getting immediate results -  increased energy, a sense of mental and physical well-being, gained lean muscle, strength, and vitality. I have never been so motivated in my life. Thanks to Transformagination, today I am leading a healthy active lifestyle and helping other people transform their lives too.
After giving birth to my little boy, I wasn't able to lose the weight I've gained. I thought that I have tried pretty much everything, continuously for 5 years and there was no change, I was still the same.  Not until I met Mariyana. I saw one of her body transformation posts on the internet and have messaged her straight away. It was very easy to talk to her,  she gave me valuable information, didn't promise or try to sell me anything (like most people do). After talking to her I knew deep inside that finally, I have found the solution. I started working with her immediately and straight away started seeing results.
Thanks to Transformagination today I am 17kg less than I used to be for many years and never felt better about myself. My friends and family are astonished by my transformation and it is hard for them to believe that I am the same person, mentally and physically. It is a great feeling to know that my life has changed forever as I have changed myself. My transformation also gave hope to some of my friends and they have started transforming their lives too.